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I believe our United States Constitution, provides a path to unity that is greatly lacking in our state today. I have been a strong voice for these documents, so much so, that I was arrested for handing them out on my college campus.

I saw how free speech was being stifled on my college campus, so I took action. I stood outside with a few friends, asking fellow students if they like freedom and liberty and handing out pocket sized copies of the U.S. Constitution. Soon after I was confronted by my Student Life coordinator. We explained that we had the First Amendment right to stand outside and hand out copies of the U.S. Constitution, and ask students if they like freedom and liberty. We were not blocking any walkways and were not causing any problems.

For taking this stand, we were soon arrested and jailed, for well over seven hours. We prevailed in court, not only over turning the horrendous free speech code policy, but all charges against us were dropped.


For to long have these documents been cast aside and neglected. It's time for us to rise up, and take our fight to Lansing, together. United, we can no longer be ignored.


Taxes and Spending

As President Calvin Coolidge once said, “Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery”. There is tons of waste in Lansing, we need to work to bring an end to the wasteful spending, and make Michigan live within its means again.

Coming from Illinois, I've seen first hand how taxes have crippled a state. Forcing small business to close, and thousands fleeing the state for a more affordable living.

I've seen how much waste was at the state level, and I fear Michigan will head down the same road, if we do not do something to curb the irresponsible spending.

We need lower taxes, not more, because the more Lansing takes, the more it wastes.

We need a fair tax system, where the playing field is even for everyone.

Most of all, we need to stop all of these special favors, to corporations who could give a damn about any of us.



It's no secret that our roads are disastrous. I drive a school bus, and drive these roads every day. You hear talk in Lansing about fixing the "damn" roads, but a gas tax hike would not help.

You see, a lack of government funds to fix these roads is not the problem as some politicians would have you believe.  A long term plan must be developed to fix our roads and maintain them. This can be done in three ways:


One way to do this would be to lower costs of building roads by eliminating prevailing wage requirements. These requirements force taxpayers to overspend for projects that would costs significantly less in the private sector. Another action that can be taken by the State is to require warranties on all road construction to ensure that construction companies will stand behind their work. The third way is to make sure that money that is designated for transportation, is not being wasted on mass transit schemes.

These solutions would not only bring down the cost, but lower taxes. Which we can then fight to get rid of the old gas tax hike as well as all of the new registration fees.


I have three young children that go to public schools. Our schools are falling apart and our students are failing. Michigan is falling further and further behind in math and reading. You hear about it in the news quite often.

I know that no one cares more about a child’s education than that child’s parents. With that in mind we should strive to put parents in charge of making decisions regarding their child’s education instead of letting government bureaucrats dictate what they believe is best for a child’s education.


This is why I believe in the complete elimination of the failure that is Common Core. We need to hand our education back to the local school districts and the community.


I also believe that parents should be able to decide what school their child goes to, whether that school is a local public school, a public school in another district, private school, charter school, or home school.

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